Burley Bike Trailers

Burley was born from the need to create bicycle trailers suitable for the safe transport of children. Therefore the founder, Alan Scholz, over 40 years ago invented the first bicycle trailer and thus laid the foundation for the Burley brand. All these years of experience are reflected in all of the brand's children's bike trailer models, designed to be extremely versatile and to make transportation and family commuting easy and fun! 

Whether it's a ride around the block with your kids, an afternoon stroll in town or a solo adventure in the backcountry, Burley’s trailers are designed for maximum comfort, convenience and safety

The trailers are modern, durable and designed with special attention to detail to make transporting children and your pets easy and worry-free. Because the journey is not a question of kilometers traveled, but of experiences and moments shared with others. 

The bike trailers for children are designed to help you explore more on two wheels, and make your outdoor adventures fun and unforgettable. Whether you are looking to enjoy an afternoon bike ride, a walk in the park or a ski trip in fresh snow, Burley’s trailers offer the ultimate versatility and functionality to provide extra comfort for your child and endless outdoor adventures for you and your family. 

The Cub X bike trailer and stroller is rugged and ready to perform in the toughest weather conditions. Built with a heavy-duty plastic base and premium comfort features, this child bike trailer provides the ultimate mix of comfort and utility in a wide range of seasons and terrain.  Then there’s the D’Lite X kids bike trailer, designed for ultimate comfort and built for the long-haul. It comes with premium seat pads, headrests and its adjustable suspensions that optimise comfort for a smooth ride while independently reclining seats allow you to fine-tune the angle for each child.  

The Encore X is perfect for the active family and it boasts added versatility for you and comfort for your child. Thanks to its suspension it’s great for smooth rides on gravel or bumpy trails and all-kit compatibility for jogging, strolling, or skiing. 

The hardworking Honey Bee is easy to use and perfect for exploring and it’s the perfect balance of value and versatility without compromising on safety. 

When it comes to the cargo trailers, such as the Flatbed, the Travoy and the Nomad will be your faithful companions both on the city streets, as well as on your on-the-road trips, also thanks to light and durable complementary equipment that adapts perfectly to every need. 

The Flatbed bike cargo trailer is the utilitarian choice for pulling loads of up to 100 lbs, while 

the Nomad bike cargo trailer features an efficient, lightweight design, huge cargo capacity and durable cover. 

Finally, Travoy’s compact design effortlessly offers endless possibilities for any urban adventure. You can use it on your everyday commute or neighbourhood bikeshare ride. 

Finally, Burley’s pet trailers, such as the Tail Wagon, are ideal for taking your four-legged friends with you and allow you to experience endless adventures without leaving your favorite pet at home. 

Discover the full range of Burley bike trailers and start planning your trip, your way!

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